1960 Spence Picture Postcard

Among some Spence pictures recently received was a Spence picture postcard.  The Moultrie postmark is dated June 5, 1960 and the original 5 cent postage stamp is still affixed.

T-28 Flt Ln

The caption on the back of the card reads ---

SPENCE AIR BASE - Reactivated in 1951 by the Hawthorne School of Aeronautics, the firm contracts with the United States Air Force to provide flight training and all support services to classes of military student pilots from this country and allied nations.  Operations are monitored by the 3302nd Pilot Training Group.  Seen on the ramp are T-28 aircraft currently used by Spence students while the T-37 jet trainer is being phased in.

Card was contributed by Allen Weltzbarker of Beasley, TX who was a Moultrie high school student in the late  50's.