Hawthorne/Spence Reunion - October 4-5, 2003

An informal reunion of former Spence Air Base personnel was held the first weekend of October, 2003 at the Hampton Inn, Moultrie, GA.  The excellent photos below, 
contributed by Glenn Bryan, Jr . of Melbourne, FL, show some the young folks who attended the reunion plus a memorial plaque to be installed at Spence to honor those involved in the Korean War era USAF/Hawthorne pilot training program.



Partial List of Attendees - 2003 Spence Reunion
(Contributed by "Skeet" Vaughan of Class 52-G)

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Aycock - Moultrie, GA
Rowe D. Bower, Sr. - Valdosta, GA
Glenn Bryan, Sr. - Melbourne, FL

Glenn Bryan, Jr. - Melbourne, FL
John Fincher - Monroe, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Everett Griner - Moultrie, GA

Mr. & Mrs. Bert Harsh - Moultrie, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Havill - Vestavia Hills, AL
Charlie Holleman - West Lafayette, IN

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lorine - Moultrie, GA
Mr. & Mrs. Don Morrow - Enterprise, AL

Jean Murphy - Huntsville, AL
Ben Newell - Richmond, VA
Ed Paschall - Talahasee, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Poplo - Jacksonville, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Pederson - Jonesboro, GA
Mel “Pete” Peterson - Redlands, CA

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Steuben - Warsaw, MO
Mr. & Mrs. Bardette “Ben” Thompson - Springfield, IL
Otha H. "Skeet " Vaughan, Jr. - Huntsville, AL

Doyle White - Coolidge, GA
Les Williams - Waynesville, NC

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